We're pretty sure this about covers it! But if you have any other questions, you can reach out to for further details. 

When Is The Concert?

We'll see you June 11, 2022!

Where Is The Concert?

Spencer Smith Park, 1400 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, Ontario

How do I get there?

We highly recommend public transit if coming from within Burlington. A shuttle will be available from Burlington Centre w/parking on site. Please stay tuned for additional information.

Is there parking?

MINIMAL at best! Our recommendation is to park at the Burlington Centre and take advantage of the shuttle provided. Shuttle schedule will be available closer to the time, but will run approximately every 30 minutes from 4pm-11:30pm. Alternatively, Taxi, Uber, Lyft are all viable options.

What about kids

**Youth and children MUST have a valid ticket. This is for security and safety reasons, as well as ensuring our approved capacity is adhered to. All youth and children must have valid identification, and must be accompanied by an adult 25 or over.

Festival assumes no risk or liability for children attending, and it’s highly encouraged that all youth be provided proper hearing protection. Ear plugs are available for purchase at merchandise tent.

Can I Bring Food?

Outside food and/or drinks are not permitted. An empty refillable water bottle is acceptable. All items are subject to confiscation at the entry point to the concert. Vendors will be on site for the entire day serving food and drinks.

Are lawn chairs allowed?

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, lawn chairs are not allowed. If you require accessible seating, arrangements can be made in advance by emailing We are happy to provide accommodation on an as needed basis, including but not limited to, an accessible seating area provided with good sight lines to the stage.

Can I bring a camera?

Professional camera’s are not allowed in the concert grounds. We’re purists, and encourage people to enjoy the show, but if you feel compelled to capture some memories ‘on film’, please do so with a smart phone. We’ll post lots of professional photos on our social media pages following the concert!

Is there smoking / vaping allowed?

Spencer Smith Park is 100% non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited everywhere on concert grounds. We are not responsible for any action that authorities may take for contradiction of this bylaw. Enforcement may include fine, and removal from the event.

So….cannabis is now legal….

That’s correct! Howeve, see above details regarding smoking. Edibles and other cannabis related products are not permitted within concert grounds.

Can I bring a backpack?

Small purses, and backpacks are allowed on site for things like your water bottle, a blanket, a sweater etc…They are subject to search at any time before, during, or after show while on concert grounds.

Can you clarify what I can’t bring?

Weapons, illegal substances, explosives (fireworks, or any other), professional cameras or audio equipment, lawn chairs, alcohol, food or beverages (besides an empty refillable water bottle), umbrellas.

Can you clarify what I can bring?

An awesome attitude! Cell phone, empty refillable bottle of water, blanket, extra clothes (within reason and that fit in your personal backpack), money (cash, credit, debit) for band merchandise/food/beverages, ID (we can’t stress this enough), stroller for small children (though we recommend a baby carrier or extremely awesome patience as the crowds can be very dense), sunscreen, hearing protection if desired and highly is recommended for children.

Where can I stay?

We highly recommend The Waterfront Hotel! If you’re finding hotels to be a challenge, there are a plethora of Air BnBs in the area. This is NOT a camping event, so we recommend you act soon to secure accommodations on this busy weekend!

Ok, I read all of this, is there beer?

Absolutely! As well as a few other adult beverages! BUT, there’s a catch. The provincial government specifies that you have to be 19+ to purchase and/or consume alcoholic beverages of any kind. No ID, no alcohol. This might apply to someone who truly is 40+ years old. For us, we won’t take the chance. We don’t make the rules, but if your age is in question, for any reason, you will need ID. Anyone caught with alcohol without ID and deemed under 19, will be removed from the concert, and may be subject to criminal charges.

It might rain, any idea what we do then?

This is a rain or shine event. A bit of rain on a hot day never hurt anyone right? We don’t stop the show for a bit of rain. We do stop the show for storms, extreme weather, and any other reason we feel it’s not safe. On a case by case basis, if we have to cancel a later portion of the show, refunds may be provided.

We'd like to be a vendor or sponsor of the event!!

AMAZING!! Just send us an email to and we'll make sure someone gets back to you asap!

I have specific accessibility needs, can you help?

Absolutely! We're able to offer accommodations for accessibility needs. We encourage you to reach out before the concert to pre-arrange things. Email

Do I need a vaccination passport?

Per current government rules (effective December 6) all guests will be required to be double vaccinated and show proof in the form of government issued vaccination passport at entry. Refunds will not be provided to those without their proof of vaccination and/or valid government issued ID.